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Kukui Yurt is a private freestanding 24’ diameter yurt located on Vibrant Farm in Hana Maui on an 11 acre off-the-grid tropical organic jungle farm. With stunning ocean views, pond, waterfall (in season) and hundreds of exotic fruits flowers trees and wildlife, Vibrant Farm has been called a truly magical and sacred place.  You can walk to beautiful  Hamoa Beach and Venus Pools. Weather here is tropical, usually ranging from 78° - 82° F with frequent warm rains.

The yurt has no visible neighbors and is in a remote jungle setting with golden bamboo towering over it.  It has its own fully equipped kitchen and small toilet room and outdoor tub/shower.  It is a short walk to the temple for meditation.  This is jungle living, not for the faint of heart; you may encounter mosquitos, centipedes, geckos, mongoose, humidity, mold, and infrequent wild boars or cows.  No food, internet or laundry is provided. Price: $100 per night, (two night minimum) $450 per week or $1500 per month. One month maximum stay. Must be booked in advance.