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Guru. There are many reactions that come up around that word for people in modern times. Today I'm going to talk about guru, what it is and what it isn't. There is only one perfect Being . It is your Self and that is all there is . It is ever blissful, undying and ever-free. If this is perfectly understood then you are rested, utterly happy, completely at peace. But if you find yourself as a human form, tired of the round of birth and death, then you start to question your own existence and you look for help. You look to scriptures of truth and you look to those who have realized truth. One word for a realizer is guru. It seems to be a human form, but in actuality there is no persona inside that form, it is an empty form, (as all forms are empty in and of themselves). In Reality all forms are pure Consciousness. So you might go to find a guru and you might see a form there. But in truth the guru does not live on the physical plane of existence. The guru is formless, completely transcendent of time and space.


If you really want to be free you should go to one who is free. When you find your guru you will know. There will be no doubt. And because there is no such thing as relationship, because there are not two things that exist anywhere, you begin a relationship that transcends all relationships. There is a bond of trust, and an intuition that the words spoken by the guru are from the Real, from pure Awareness. Suspend your disbelief for a moment and listen. Listen to the ancient scriptures spoken again. There has always only been one guru and one disciple again and again throughout apparent time. There is only this one perfect Being. But if there seems to be forms within it, then find the form that is your teacher and surrender everything to the pursuit of Knowledge. Enlightenment is entirely possible for everyone with a keen desire for liberation. If he or she is a true teacher that one will point you in the direction where truth lies and that is exactly to the core of YOUR OWN being.


If you find a teacher that points you to his or herself as a human physical form, it is not a true teacher and you should not stay with them.
You can spend a lifetime staring at a human form and never even get close to awakening. Gurus have a bad name in this country because there have been those who were not fully realized and abused power. Relationships with these people can actually be detrimental, or at best just another worldly relationship. But just because there are spiritual teachers who are less than genuine does not mean that there is no such thing as a true guru.


When you find a pure one, a real teacher, a true guru like my own teacher, Nome, where there is not a trace of ego left, the light shines pure. It is the light of Consciousness, and the words spoken transcend the human realm. His teacher Ramana Maharshi was like an empty vessel of pure Consciousness. This is guru. And all true gurus have been the same one. Just simply this pure Consciousness. There may seem to be words spoken and words heard but it is a divine communication. It transcends time and space. That's why when you are in the company of your perfect guru, you don't have to remember the words, but you find the place in your self that is that same guru, that perfect stillness, that Silence, that Truth. That always only is. So the words spoken and listened to are really the grossest form of this relationship. It really is a relationship that transcends all relationships. At some point the words are actually heard and taken to heart. When the guru points you in the direction of your own perfect Being and you finally understand, then you yourself are the same as the guru, that perfect absolute Awareness.


So guru is a guide and a help and a gateless gate into the Divine Reality. Although you might be very attracted and love your guru, don't be distracted by the form because there is no one there! But listen, listen to the words, and go in the direction the words are pointing you-IN TO YOUR OWN SENSE OF EXISTENCE. How many years will you come and sit before us before you hear these simple words? And when you hear, you will know the years never existed and there has always been only this perfect Awareness. YOU ARE IT. I AM THAT. So waste no time turning within. Waste no time, because the bliss and joy are yours. Relish in your guru's bliss. Wallow in utter freedom. Own it. Be it. Give up everything. There is nothing in "I" or "mine" that can compare to the perfect bliss of the I-less-ness of pure Being without ego. This is guru and guru is your Self.