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Ultimate Subject

At some point in the world dream we find that even if we get everything we want, exactly how we want it, it's still not good enough. Even if it is very good, it is still not permanent. In all worldly experience there is an emptiness. We yearn for a lasting happiness because happiness is our true nature.

Some people go through a crisis, some get everything they think they want and are not satisfied, some just get incredibly bored, some wait till they are old and dying (not recommended), but at some point in some lifetime you will want something Permanent and Real. If it is real, it HAS to be permanent. What is everlasting? Where is permanent peace and happiness?

We may feel that God is permanent. But if we have ideas about God, they are still ideas. We may say, "But I really FEEL God in my life." This is fine, but it is wise to note that one's feelings and ideas of God still DEPEND on who is feeling them. As long as God is an object, then God can come and go. The notion of God does not exist unless someone is thinking it. So the someone who has ideas of God is more permanent than God. Do you understand?

And so it goes for anything we feel and think. Everything objective is dependent on the subject. The subject is always oneself. Nothing has ever existed except that "I" experienced it. All the accounts of history and such still depend on an "I" to experience it and to say it is real. All experiences, everything objective, is temporary. What is permanent?

Is there ever a time when "I" is not? Not "I" the body, not who "I" thinks it is, but existence itself. Inspect deeply what is always present. The secret to what is Permanent and Real lies in our own existence, the ULTIMATE SUBJECT. Then we will truly understand who God is.